How to buy the Tokeno Token on DxSale

The Tokeno presale will be held at DxSale. You may have heard about this platform before. It’s really a good platform for presales because it’s easy to set up for developers and is safe to use for buyers. The main reason for that being, that the initial liquidity is automatically locked, the only variable is how long the liquidity will be locked.

First, you’re going to need a Trustwallet or a Metamask wallet, we went into detail about how to set it up so it works with Binance Smart chain (BSC) in a previous article, but in this we will talk about how to use DxSale.

Make sure you have some BNB on your Trustwallet or Metamask wallet and that you’re connected to the right network.

Open the DxSale presale page:

When we reach 400 BNB, we will have 30 minutes between the end of presale and finalizing the presale. Finalizing means that after the presale is finalized, the people participating in the presale will be able to claim the tokens, and the the liquidity will be automatically added to pancakeswap.

After hitting contribute you have to confirm the Metamask transacion.

How to send BNB directly to the presale

If you’re having trouble sending via the webpage, you can also look for the contract address on the presale page and then open you Metamask and send BNB directly. If you’re too late and the presale is filled before you send your BNB, your BNB will be returned to your wallet, because the presale contract has a safety feature. It will also be returned if you send it before the presale starts :)

Look for this address: 0xef9d99196B39679A8D4b1608CD0f8782D99CF95B

Then copy it to your Metamask and send BNB

After the presale finalizes you will be able to claim tokens on the same presale page:

Then, the tokens will be transferred to your wallet!